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By installing solar, businesses throughout Southern Nevada are taking control of their electrical needs and lowering their electrical costs by offsetting all or even just a percentage of their energy consumption. By capturing your own solar energy for your business you will be able to trim or even eliminate your peak power usage, which significantly reduces demand charges. Furthermore, having solar reduces your energy consumption and will often re-categorize your rate schedule to one that is more favorable. What are you waiting for……call us today and let us help you develop a plan, securing for your business, a low energy future.

Benefits of Commercial / Business Solar Energy

Reduce Your Energy Cost With Solar


  • Reduces the cost of electricity substantially
  • Lowers your overhead expenses
  • Increases cash flow by establishing affordable energy costs

Installing a commercial PV system reduces the cost of electricity substantially. You will lower your overhead expenses and increase your cash flow by establishing an affordable energy cost. A cash purchase provides the best overall savings and shows the shortest breakeven period. You will be able to take advantage of the 30% investment tax credit and also claim the accelerated depreciation. These incentives alone are considerable. Financing to own your PV system will also allow you to receive the 30% investment tax credit and your business is still eligible for the accelerated depreciation. Furthermore, there are additional federal, state, and local incentives your business may qualify for. Whichever financing method you choose, solar energy for your business will provide a more affordable electrical rate than what your utility charges you.

Plan Your Energy Future


  • Solar helps establish a predicable and manageable energy plan
  • Lock in affordable rates
  • Better forecast your energy costs in the future

Commercial PV system installation will give your business the ability to establish, predict and manage our energy consumption and provide a plan for it in the years ahead. Utility rates will continue to rise, steadily. Here in Boulder City, at a minimum, you can expect a 2.5% increase per year. Business owners are often left guessing what portion of their profits will be eaten up increasing energy requirements. Lock-in an affordable rate today for your business by installing commercial PV system on our rooftop business location. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing how to forecast our energy costs well into the future.

Build a Better Business Brand


  • Improve your business image
  • Become a leader in your community
  • Protect the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Consumers are consistently choosing cleaner and greener business for the products and services they need and desire. Manage your business image and greatly benefit by retaining customers who are eager for more environmentally conscientious businesses. Be a leader in your community by adopting practices which show you care about protecting the environment. Installing a PV system for your business will show your customers, prospects, and community that your business is serious about a cleaner energy future. Not only will the savings be significant for you, but you send a message to your fellow business community that you are committed to a cleaner, greener future.

Solar for Small Business


Whether you’re a restaurant, retail shop, or an automotive repair business, managing cash flow is the key to the success of any small business. Take control of your energy needs and reduce the cost of electricity by installing a solar PV system for your Boulder City business. You will see immediate savings. The best option is a cash purchase of your PV system. Financing or cash purchases will show you better rates than what you currently pay with the utility, and it will secure low energy costs for the future.


Commercial & Industrial Solar


BC Solar Inc. designs custom commercial solar PV systems, beginning with a detailed analysis of your energy consumption. We will provide various options to offset your electricity usage with solar. Whether your business requires a 10kW or 100kW system, we will accurately size the solar system for your energy needs. Our professionals will engineer the most efficient design and install high quality solar equipment, all without disruption to your business. We will also help you select the best commercial solar financing to get best value for your business.


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